Önéletrajz (pontos személyi adatok, telefonszám stb., képzettség, szakmai munkák, referenciák stb.)
Motivációs levél (miért szeretnél részt venni? mi motivál, hogy minél sikerebben eredményesen vegyél részt? mit teszel ennek érdekében?)
Utazásod, hogyan és milyen útvonalon tervezed? (akár pontos légi útvonal és árajánlat időpontok)
Beszélsz franciául? milyen szinten?
Vállalod, hogy hazatérted után beszámolót tartasz és nyilvános workshopot az egyesület szervezésében, szakmai beszámolót készítesz és megtartod utazási bizonylataidat az utad igazolásának érdekében?

1. általános információ
2. részletesebb/praktikus infó

two days and one night

the dream / the risk

The definition of circus is first of all the pleasure of "making risk".
Before being spectacular the "making risk" should be trained as a state in the body.
The "making risk" can be very simple, without any artifice, if it is really lived as a real drama.

The imbalance, the falling, the weight, and the game will be the factors on which Gulko and EX VOTO team will rely on to lead the students for two days and one night.

The "dream" will be the excuse to discover the frame of the risk .
Following the experience of his show REV, Gulko lead us in unexpected situations, to learn to be surprised.

Even in the worst situations, the man continues to dream.
Dreams, alert us, and sometimes push us to take risks.
To try to pin down society through dreams is a ludicrous and political act, a quest for revolution.

The course will take place outdoor and indoor.
The internship will be in English and French.


the workshop will be holden the 14th and 15th mai outdoor on a thery large parc of a farm in Marseille.
The work will be mostly à physical work, first in group and then more individually.
Gulko, with his experience as teacher, trainer and artistic director of his company cahin -caha, will direct the work with the goal to find for everyone his own interpretation of "the risk".
"You can exprime the risk only with one finger, you can give the idea of loosing control only by controlling your wight, your balance, your game.
But you have to surprise yourself if you want surprise the others".

The training will begin with a yoga training conducted by the young choréographer Léa Canu Ginoux ( PRESENTOINSTANT company in NL) who works often for and with EX VOTO.

The individuel research will also be conducted with the two co-directors and artistes of EX VOTO:
Pablo VOLO, (corporel mime teacher and street art performer) and Manel Pons,
(actor, performer and assitant in differents theatre anc circus companies).

the night:
the second part of the intensive workshop will be in a dance studio in Marseille:
After an other dance-training conducted by Léa Canu Ginoux, ( floor-work,) we will begin the research about the dream.
Every participants will create his ouwn Book of Dream, with a strong link to his individual research about the "risk".

We will stay all the night together, sleep and dream together .
This collective experience about DREAM should give us a view into our perception of what dreaming is like. The meaning of a Book of Dream is more to discover our spontaneous energy, witch will be the motor of the hole research.

In this part of the workshop we will have also the complicity of a young conductor of modern music, Sébatien Boin, from the ensemble C barré in Marseille. Sebastien will surprise us with some extraordinary stories about dream and risk in modern and contemporany music.
This clearly shows for EX VOTO the necessity to be constantly linked also to others arts and disciplines, and gives to the idea of "making risk" more à moral research, then only a physical effort.

The second day, we will discover our tiredness, and with this new state of mind go back to the farm: our individual work in the specific site of the farm will go on.

In the afternoon every participant will show to the others ( and to a little audience of friends) the personal resarch of not more the 5 minutes.