Workshops – Clownery and Laugh War.
Some clowns, among the international artists that will participate to the festival, organize some funny “assault” into markets, pedestrian areas and crowded places. They organize two different “Armies” that fight each other using jokes and circus techniques. In this sense, clowns are to be seen as aggregative element (and clownery as an aggregative technique) into the local territory.

Workshops – Preparation of a circus show.
During the exchange, participants are asked to prepare a show, as a result of the techniques that they learn from the international artists. The show is going to be part of the programme of the Festival “Just for Joy”.

Final Parade
At the end of the programme activities (Sunday the 15th) the whole group will participate to the Final Big Parade of “Just for Joy”.



Participants age:

Youngsters in range of age between 18 and 26 (some exceptions could be accepted, i.e. animators till 30).

Number of participants:

7 each country (6 participants + 1 group leader)

Local Team: Veronica ARDUINO, Pasquale LANNI, Dennis MASERI

Very soon they will send you a short personal presentation.

Gender balance:

According to the criteria and principals of “Youth in Action” Programme, we kindly require you to respect the gender balance as much as possible.


Adequate materials and tools useful for activities will be provided by the organizers of “JUST for JOY”. But if you want to bring along your personal staff… NO PROBLEM!!

Hosting Center:

“OPEN 011 - House of Youth Mobility and Interculturality” (Casa della Mobilità Giovanile e dell’Intercultura) situated near to the city center.

Address: “OPEN 011” Casa della Mobilità Giovanile e dell’Intercultura Venezia, 11 - 10147 Torino

Tel. 0039 011 25 05 35

Dates: 05 – 16.06.2008 (travel days included)

Financial issue:

The project hopefully will be financed by the E.U. Programme “Youth in Action”.
The 70% of the travel cost will be reimbursed.

Participation fee: 50 Euro (let us to know if it is problematic for you to bear this cost).


Dear partners as you already know the quality of the exchange strictly depends on the motivation of participants and group leaders. That’s why we kindly ask you to pay a close attention to the preparation of the members of your group.

As a preparation for the exchange we ask you to prepare:
1. a presentation of your association, dealing in particular with your methods, your fields of intervention and, if possible, your experience in a specific project. (max 15 min)